Have healthier soil with our ready-to-hatch cocoons!

Earthworms feed on organic matter, leaving behind rich manure or "castings" that provide readily available nutrients for plants. As they burrow through the soil, they leave behind tunnels that open up passageways for air and water.

Worm cocoons hatch within 2-3 weeks when the soil temperature reaches 70°.  In a short 3 months, they will reach maturity and will begin to reproduce a second generation of cocoons. 



***Due to State Agricultural Restrictions on soil, we cannot ship our cocoons to California.

***Successful hatching rates are dependent upon temperatures, oxygen, and moisture levels.  Your results may vary. We cannot make any hatch rate guarantees.

***These cocoons are not meant to be hatched indoors.

*****Due to the need to be delivered within a short timeframe, cocoons will be shipped the Monday or Tuesday after the order is placed.