Bait, Composting Worms, and Worm Cocoons


Have healthier soil with our ready-to-hatch cocoons! Earthworms feed on organic matter, leaving behind rich manure or "castings" that provide readily available nutrients for plants. As they burrow...

Fisherman's Special 100 Tasty Bait 4-5" Crawlers plus 8lb bag of worm feed

Unfortunately we are currently not taking on-line orders for Nightcrawlers 100 Tasty Baitâ„¢ nightcrawlers that DO NOT REQUIRE REFRIGERATION!!! (you're welcome Mom)

Composting Worms

We are not currently taking on-line orders for Nightcrawlers. Sorry for any inconvenience. Our cultured nightcrawler is an excellent choice for indoor composting. They are also great for using as...

Bait Nightcrawlers

Unfortunately, we are not currently taking on-line orders for NightCrawlers Tasty Baitâ„¢ Cultured Nightcrawler BULK 500 Our cultured nightcrawler thrives best in warmer climates. BONUS: NO...