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“Raising Worms and Production of Worms and Worm Castings”

Welcome to Unco Industries. Located in Union Grove, WI.  Unco Industries has been a leader in the nightcrawler business since 1977.

Our products include Wiggle Worm Soil Builder - PURE EARTHWORM CASTINGS an organic fertilizer and Tasty Bait Crawlers - worms that do NOT require refrigeration and can be shipped anywhere in the US. Other products include composting worms for home compost waste recycling and worm cocoons for gardening.

Also venture into vermiculture by starting your own worm farming business.


A little about our business in starting a worm farm and producing earthworm castings.




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Today I found out..... 10 Very Interesting Worm Facts

According to research done at the Rothamsted Experimental Station, depending on the soil quality, there can be anywhere from 250,000-1.75 million earthworms per acre of land . Poor quality soil will have closer to the...


100 Tasty Bait™ nightcrawlers with 8lb bag of worm feed. Limited time only!! CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Planting Season Started 2015

Thank you Eric! Received this from on of our loyal customers. "My first attempt at growing sweet potatoes. Wanted to send picture of your worm castings in my garden. I use and I love it!" Eric Coleman, Niagra Falls, NY...

Flowers and Garden plants benefitting from Pure Earthworm Castings

This picture speaks volumes on what pure earthworm castings can do!! It was taken in Alaska by one of our customers using Wiggle Worm Soil Builder.

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Thanks for considering Unco Industries, Inc.  Unlike most others, we have been in the worm farming business for over 37 years raising and growing worms and will be here for 30 more!

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