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Cost for the video is $51.95 and includes shipping & handling. You get the video (VHS or DVD format), literature package and a bag of Wiggle Worm Soil Builder pure earthworm castings organic fertilizer worth $7.99. If you decide to purchase one of our Production System Packages and are accepted, this cost can be credited. If after reviewing all the materials, you decide not to pursue this any further, you can simply return both items within fourteen days from receipt and receive a $15.00 refund. The free sample of organic fertilizer is yours to keep!

Through the years, many people have told us that it is very difficult to find in depth information on the bait, organics and commercial worm farming industries. One way to do this is to go to a library but this is very time consuming and the information is very limited. Unco Industries, Inc. has spent much time and money to compile information which will help you with the decision making process. To assist you in getting unbiased and detailed information, we have put together a 26 minute DVD presentation, a package of literature with over 115 pages and we have also included a FREE bag of our organic fertilizer - retail value $7.99.

We will show you:

We feel that watching the video will be just like seeing our operation in person without having to spend your valuable time and hundreds of dollars in travel expenses. In many ways, it is even better than touring because you can view the DVD more than once. However, if you desire, we encourage you to visit us to see first hand what our operation is like and meet us in person.

Video Highlights...

You will see testimonials from:

  • Existing growers
  • Casting Dealers and customers
  • Bait Dealers and customers

You will see various news and magazine articles from reputable third party sources such as:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Forbes Magazine
  • Organic Gardening
  • The New Farm
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Nursery Retailer
  • Natural Food & Farming
  • Landowner Magazine

We want to be sure you understand that we will not start just anyone into this business. We spend many hours with new worm growers, not just training them about worm growing but teaching them how to plan, set goals and run their worm farming business profitably. We are looking for people who we feel have what it takes and are willing to put forth the effort necessary to become successful, because we don't want to waste our time. We have never seen a better time for raising worms and we are "making hay while the sun is shining." We simply don't have time to spend on the wrong people. We know our system works, and we are looking for people to work our system! Our goal is to build a strong network of commercial worm growers who are producing the same products that we are. This allows the flow of products from growers with excess production to areas of the country that have excess demand. This way, everyone is helping the industries grow and EVERYONE WINS!

This package is the best way to gather all this necessary information with a reasonable amount of time and effort spent. If you are serious about looking into this, you must consider how much 10 - 20 hours of your time is worth. You could spend several evenings in a library and still not get anywhere near the amount of information we have compiled. If these facts interest you enough to at least want to hear more, we strongly suggest getting the DVD tour/literature package as your next logical step. It just makes sense that the only way to make a good decision is to become informed.

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