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MK-11 Worm and Casting Harvester

All steel construction - Dual screen automatic worm casting and cocoon harvester. Will sort worms and castings and cocoons as fast as you can feed the harvester. Castings fall to the ground and can be conveyed away to storage bins. This machine sorts with a back and forth, up and down motion, keeping the worms moving at all times. A slight jerking motion at the end of each rotation keeps the screens clean and the nightcrawlers moving.

$3,795.00 plus shipping
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Worm Bedding Pulverizer - Mixer

All metal machine with 5 H.P. electric motor. Designed exclusively for the worm industry. Blades run parallel with the ground allowing pre-moistened (ready to use) bedding to be pulverized, fluffed AND if done properly mixed with grains all at the same time.

Finer bedding allows the worms to work through bedding easier, thus saving on wasted bedding and giving better cocoon production and faster worm growth.

$3,795.00 plus shipping
Call 1 (800) 728-2415
for shipping details

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Wooden Table Top Harvester
48" x 48"

Designed for the Home Composter or Small Worm Grower

Harvest both worms, worm castings and cocoons with 2 screens. Cover openings with insert and you have a work table.


$335 - Harvester table with 2 screens and insert.


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Wooden Framed Hand Screen
2' x 2'

Can be used to screen your compost bin or production units. The 1/4" screens the worms and the 1/8" separates the castings from the eggs.

$45 - 1/4" 2' x 2' Hand Screen

$45 - 1/8" 2' x 2' Hand Screen

$85 - Both Hand Screens

Type Desired:

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