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Randy Kluth, Vice President, Head of Product Sales

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Because nightcrawlers are such a universally popular live bait, it's no wonder that fishermen have been known to pay over $3.50 per dozen for a good bait worm!

One handful of Wiggle Worm Soil Builder was used when transplanted.

Waiting to be loaded at Unco Warehouse.


As the statements above indicates, the professional commercial worm growing industry can be a lot more than people envision.

A few words about the vermi composting industry...

People have been experimenting using worms for handling municipal solid waste for over 24 years, but no projects that we know of have actually progressed from the experiments to large scale commercial operations that deal with massive volumes of waste. While we agree with the premise that this industry has some future potential, it is still not commonplace and it has many shortcomings.

With a reusable, recession proof, 60 million user base market and demand for far outreaching supply at times is why we focus on the bait market and the bait market pays a much HIGHER PRICE.