A Venture Into Vermiculture!

Vermiculture : "The raising and production of earthworms and worm castings"

Welcome to vermiculture.com and Unco Industries. We at Unco Industries have been in the nightcrawler business since 1977. We are located in Union Grove, Wisconsin.

Starting Your Own Vermiculture Business:

It is our goal at Unco to give you the straight facts about the Vermiculture industry. The Vermiculture industry has tremendous potential but is definitely not as easy as some people are led to believe. You owe it to yourself to investigate carefully and get all the facts you can.

Our products include Wiggle Worm Soil BuilderPURE EARTHWORM CASTINGS organic fertilizer and Tasty Bait Crawlers - bait that does NOT require refrigeration and can be shipped anywhere in the US. Other products include composting worms for home compost waste recycling and worm cocoons for gardening.

Thanks for considering us.  Unlike most others, we have been in business for over 37 years raising and growing worms and will be here for 30 more!